Committed to Serving Your Customers

At Global Pay Direct we understand that the relationship between a merchant and its bank is very unique. It demands a high level of trust, dedication to security, and an unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance.

With Global Pay Direct you can rest easy because our commitment is to the business customers you serve.

Global Pay Direct Is More Than Just Payments

Our comprehensive suite of payments and value added business solutions are delivered through an elegant, customized website that naturally extends your bank’s brand.

Global Pay Direct will:

  • Improve your value proposition
  • Deepen your business depositor relationships
  • Add stabile profits to your branch network

Our experienced team specializes in working with our network of banks and financial institutions to deliver on-going training and sales support to create continued value for their banking customers. In today’s challenging business environment we understand how important it is to leverage technology to optimize success and we’re here to help you succeed.

With Global Pay Direct we take care of your customers. Rates are determined at the agreement stage and are locked in for a period of six (6) months so they know exactly what they are getting, month in and month out. Plus, we have a transparent revenue sharing plan so you will know exactly how much your customers are producing, Global Pay Direct’s profit, and your profit.

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