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Fair, transparent pricing and data security that sets the industry standard. Global Pay Direct’s innovative card payment processing solutions help entrepreneurs like you succeed.

Gift Cards

Merchant gift card programs lead customers to spend more than the value of their gift cards. In addition, a majority of shoppers also shop for themselves when they go online or in-store to purchase a gift card.

Global Pay Direct helps you acquire more loyal customers with our innovative gift card program. You can personalize your own gift cards, offer reloading capabilities, and use a card-not-present program that allows your customers to use their phone number as an identifier.

Point of Sale

Secure. Reliable. Cost-effective. A point-of-sale solution should be all of these and scalable to your needs.

Your business is unique, so we offer customized, versatile, and comprehensive systems designed to grow as your company does. With Global Pay Direct, your POS becomes the center of your commerce, allowing you to integrate it with your other applications, such as payroll, and marketing and loyalty programs.


Go beyond brick and mortar. E-commerce sales are slated to top $334 billion this year and hit $480 billion by 2019 (Forrester Research). Now is the time to get your share of this booming market by relying on Global Pay Direct to help you create a solution that works best for you and your customers.

Loyalty Program

Create meaningful and valuable relationships with your customers through an engaging loyalty program. Research shows that loyal customers spend more, serve as ambassadors for your brand, and are less likely to be drawn to a competitor’s promotion. With Global Pay Direct’s loyalty program you will:

  • Build Long-Term Customer Relationships
  • Increase Customer Frequency
  • Drive Customer Spending

Mobile Payments

The way people pay for goods and services is continually changing. That’s why today’s businesses should have a payment processing partner that can provide high-quality services, products and customer care. Unlike other mobile payment solutions that hold funds for up to 30 days, Global Pay Direct funds its merchants as if they are processing transactions in a store, so you’ll receive your funds faster.

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